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What a difference a week makes

A lot has happened in the last week.  Some I will post about and some I won't right now. 

One thing I am finding is that it can very hard to get started on a diet.  I have done a good job trying to eradicate some of the starchy and sugary foods form the house but they just keep coming.  I had a birthday last week which didn't help.  That means a birthday cake.  It is my favorite cake and I only get it once a year.  I decided to enjoy that.  My parents were in the Boston area the day before my birthday and they stopped into an Indian store.  So they had to load up on unique foods made in India of course including many snacks.  It was very thoughtful but it didn't help me to get started on my weight loss.  My lovely and beautiful wife bought me a watermelon.  I am glad she did that.   I love watermelon and this will probably be the only one I get this year.  During my weight loss I won't be eating watermelon.  I will have it in small amounts once I am in what I will call maintenance but that is going to be a while.  So needless to say my start has been delayed.  I am not giving up though and I know that change often doesn't happen easy or overnight.  I am still having fun doing the research.

I have actually done a lot of research into weight loss and how our bodies work to metabolize food recently.  I am really trying to learn this so that I can make good food choices and get this done right.  I have made a lot of discoveries and drawn a lot of conclusions from what I have studied.  A lot of this has to do with what kind of science are you going to believe.  What kind of science I choose to believe has a lot to do the fact that I think that God is smarter than we are and His creation in the form of our bodies is more amazing than we realize.  I think we have made many mistakes over the years in believing we knew what was best medically when in the end our bodies were fine the way they were.  We live in a society that is very information and media driven.  I don't think you can always trust that media to give you all the facts and answers.  There is just too much to gain from being able to control media and information for it to be our sole source of information.  I have taken this into account and thought everything though as carefully as I can.  I do think our bodies work the way they are supposed to.  If we get hungry there is a reason for that.  Eating until you are full is normal and not a problem.  If we get tired then we believe we should sleep.  If we get hungry we don't always believe we should eat though.  Strange how we make that distinction.  I no longer do.  God got it right the first time and understanding the signals your body is giving you is the best thing we can do for our own health and weight loss.  Having said all that I have come to believe a few important things about nutrition that I think are key to getting myself to a healthy weight.

One is that healthy fats in the form of animal and saturated fats are not bad for you.  In fact they are good for you.  I don't believe in low fat or trans fat. I also don't think that because we eat animal fat that means it is simply transferred directly to our bodies as fat.  That is an overly simple view that ignores a very complex chemical process in our bodies called digestion.  I think "low fat" is a fraud on our society because I think it is actually hurting us.  Most low fat foods make up for the fat with sugar after all. 

Second is that sugar is not our friend.  I love sugar and sweets like most people.  I have increased my intake of sugar over the years like many have.  I have a body that has gotten larger over the years as a result.  I really believe that sugar is the problem with our modern diet.  I think our bodies crave sugar because they are craving fruits and some vegetables.  Not the super refined ultra blast that is the sugar we have today.  Remember that 200 years ago sugar was a very small part of anyone's diet.  Most people were thin and heart disease was almost unheard of.   That was a disease of the very wealthy that could afford to eat more...sugar.   Today we are all wealthy in the western world compared to the whole world.  We eat a lot of sugar and don't exercise much.  Our diseases are a result of this rich life we live. 

Third is that grains are not our friend.   That includes whole grains.  Sure there are health benefits to many grains but it may be a bit like wrapping a vitamin with poison.  Grains are carbs that break down into sugar.  See paragraph above.  I am not saying don't ever eat any grains but I am saying it should be a very small part of a diet and not the huge part it is now for most people.  Our diet is very heavily grain based now. 

So having said that my diet of choice is going to be low carb.  For many reasons I may explain in the future I think this diet is most closely related to the way our bodies are supposed to work.  I think we get fat because we eat too many carbs and sugar.  I think the way to get thin is to reverse that.  Once you learn how insulin, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol work you have to do low carb.  It only makes sense.  I should say I think it makes the most sense because it works with your body and how it naturally works.  My best friend just lost a lot of weight counting calories and I am not faulting his method.  It worked for him and I hope he keeps it off.  I have done the counting calories bit before and while some can do it I dare say it takes a lot of discipline to stay with it.  I usually got sick of it after being constantly hungry for weeks on end.  I also always did it with the idea I could go off it and eat normally again.  I like low carb because I can eat until I am full.  I can feel normal and not hungry all the time.  I do have some critisisms of low fat and low calorie diets but I will save that for another time maybe.

By next week I hope to be started and I will let you know how it is going.  I guess I will see if it really does work. 


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